METAXAS & SINS: Macrophone

CNC maskinert monitorhøyttalere - i ALUMINIUM. PRIS UTEN STATIVER ( Pris pr par )

NOK305 000,00 inkl. mva.


The Macrophones

Mimicking the inverse of the microphones we use in our purist recordings, the “Macrophones” are mini-monitors designed to be used to seriously monitor recording/playback, which can be scaled

with the addition of “modules” to become as miniature for location work or as grand as is necessary for studio or home playback.

They were specifi cally developed to assist us with our location recording

work so we could perfectly position the microphones in 3D space and to

stereo “mix” the 4-5 channels with the correct levels “in real time” to

stereo analogue tape.

Each macrophone is machined in two halves which enable us to

produce an ideal shape to mount the accuton ceramic drivers and reduce cabinet colourations.

The basic module consists of a 1-inch ceramic tweeter and 6-inch

ceramic mid-bass driver. An additional module is also available

which swaps the front section for a deeper mount for an 8” ceramic

woofer. CNC allows us to sculpt a shape with incredible rigidity, in a much smaller form factor than is possible with other materials, at the same time, minimising baffle diffraction whilst maximizing internal volume for an ideal and extended bass response.



The front section supports most of the accuton driver range so that  

you can confi gure the macrophone to suit your absolute taste and